Complete Foundry Design Kit Enhancement

Enable Fabless Fast and Successful Designs 

As process continues to scale down, the increasing process variation and other complexities such as layout dependent effects have put more challenges on design effort and many leading fabless have the 2nd source foundry, successful designs require even more iterations. The key issue is that foundry provided design inputs such as SPICE models, PDK, rule decks and cell libraries are not accurate or with enough functions even though foundry process might be stable, PDA develops leading SPICE modeling and PDK EDA tools and our service team is dedicated to providing professional engineering services for leading foundries and design companies to produce accurate model, PDKs and IPs. We have delivered hundreds of projects that met the design needs and our broad exposure to the latest technologies including Fin-FET has enabled us to continuously serve our customers and provide 1-stop design kit enhancement for highly scaled technologies. With our application specific "Design Kit IP", design iterations can be greatly reduced at any foundry and that leads to much shorter TTM for customer's products.

Enable Foundry to Minimize Gaps in Design Kit

Design companies are used to leading foundry's design kit's functionality and accuracy, with our 1-stop solution and design kit IP, we can quickly enable 2nd tier foundry to provide even better design inputs such as SPICE models, PDK and Cell libraries than the leading foundries, which help foundry customers to design faster and greatly increase foundry wafer outputs.

Complete Design Support Solution

PDA provides 1-stop design solutions for highly scaled technologies including test-chip design to include the latest process complexities, device characterization to collect accurate and sufficient data input, device modeling, PDK generation and QA, rule deck services. With accurate models and PDK, we can ensure 1-time success for our service in standard cell library or SRAM compilers.


Comprehensive EDA Tool Suite

MeQLab - The next generation device modeling platform

PQLab - PDK automatic QA software

Service Contents

SPICE Modeling Service
PDK Generation Service
Rule Deck Generation Service (DRC,LVS, PEX, LEF, ICC, etc.)
Standard Cell Library Service
SRAM Compiler Service