AI-driven Complete Semiconductor Parametric Test Solution,from Probing to Simulation

Increasing process variations drives the need for better statistics and bigger test sample sizes, thus a faster IV/CV device characterization is required in order to preserve test turn-around time. Meanwhile 1/f noise becomes a primary device parameter which must be characterized. Customer needs a modular solution that can enable easy reconfiguration for specific test suites and a unified software stack that enables quick test set-up and data management. 


PDA developed the AI-Driven semiconductor parametric test solutions which can meet all above requirements, including:

■    The fastest high precision IV/CV test and characterization

■    The fastest high precision 1/f noise test and characterization

■    Modular architect driven by AI Deep Learning technologies

■    The easiest test control and data management in a unified software platform


It can support semiconductor parametric testing, wafer level reliability testing, and wafer acceptance testing. It is based on the industry standard PXI platform and the generic software platform with PDA’s proprietary AI algorithms to meet all the device characterization needs. The modular architecture allows it to be easily configured with different accuracy, speed and cost requirements. PDA’s LabExpress software provides Plug & Play usability, and increase test efficiency with built-in test routines.


PDA is committed to the research and development of AI applications in semiconductor industry. We accelerate the speed of parametric testing and simulations significantly with our years of experiences in optimization algorithms applied on semiconductor device/IC characteristics and modeling. FS series can achieve 5-10X faster than the similar products in the market, and the device modeling platform MeQLab could improve the statistical simulation speed up to 100X.


In addition, it can form a set of " Desktop Semiconductor Parametric Test Lab" for education, research and design company users. It includes the portable probe station, IV / CV / Noise test modular and the device modeling software,  that is a From-Probing-To-Simulation one-stop research solution in a less than 1 square meter’s desktop area.