Semiconductor Service Center

Platform Design Automation, Inc.PDAis the unique vendor that integrate EDA tools for semiconductor device modeling, high-speed semiconductor characterization and modeling, and PDK engineering services. PDA’s Semiconductor Service Center is located in Science and Technology Innovation Zone of Shunyi District in Beijing. It covers an area of 750 square meters on two floors. The laboratory is equipped with advanced hardware facilities providing an environment of dustproof, constant temperature and constant humidity.


The engineering service flow is powered by FS-ProTM, the semiconductor parameter test system driven by AI algorithms, and two semi-auto12-inch high and low temperature probe stations, a set 8-inch and a 6-inch probe station. It performs IV, CV, 1/f noise and RF test in an integrated system and seamlessly connect to the semi-automatic model extraction flow. The powerful ERP system allows customers to view and monitor the project data remotely. The real one-stop solution from test key design, measurement and model to PDK, serves the leading semiconductor customers with 10 times efficiency up.


Two 12inch Semi-auto probers:

1. 10X throughput enabled by FS-Pro?

2. DC/AC/RF/Noise @ -60C – 200C

AI Driven Model extraction flow:

1. Seamlessly integrated with measurements

2. 10 experienced modeling engineers

Complete offerings:

1. Test structure design

2. Characterization

3. Model Extraction and QA

4. PDK generation and QA

5. Cell Lib and Memory Compilers