Product Introduction

New Simulation Experience

Provides interactive access to advanced semiconductor process and 

device manufacture, humanization interactive interface, integrated with a keyboard-operated LCD, which simulates the operation panel of the 

actual process equipment, thus enhancing the practicality of process 


Emulates Industry Process

Covers the major process of modern semiconductors (Clean,

Oxidation, Deposit, Lithography, Etch, Ion Implantation,Diffuse, CMP, 

etc.) and simulates the method of operating the process, the 

manufacturing process of a variety of semiconductor devices including 

MOSFET, FinFET, LDMOS, GaN, and etc, including the practical 

operation of parameter setting in each step.

Device Customized

Contains the current manufacturing process of the latest devices (such as FinFET, GaN, etc.), and 4 customized keys are reserved for the 

customized requirements of the user's special device process. The 

semiconductor process simulator can be updated according to the 

development of industrial technology.

Device Test

Support the interconnection between the process SEK and the device 

one (through the BNC interface) , to measure the electrical 

characteristics of the manufactured device.

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