Product Introduction

The Only Commercial PDK QA Software Involving SPICE


A PDK QA software with the most comprehensive PDK QA procedures



Built-in Pattern Generation Module                

Automatically generate the test patterns for DRC, LVS, CDF or other

PDK QA purposes                

Complete CDF QA                

Verify CDF Specs, CDF Callbacks and CDF parameter consistency 

with model parameters                


Automatic DRC and LVS QA                

Automatically generate test patterns for LVS and DRC QA, optimized

DOE enables fast QA time                

Comprehensive Simulation QA                

Combined with model QA, PQLab compares pre-layout & post-layout

simulations, ensures the correctness of simulation returns and

compares the results of different combinations of model, LVS and 


Easy Comparison of Design Flows                

Help designers to quickly qualify foundry PDK and compare the

performance of different versions or PDK from different foundries                

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