Product Introduction


FastLab is a software that controls instruments in a semiconductor lab to achieve measuring DUT IV and CV characteristics.  It can be 

correlated with MeQLab or other Analysis tools for data outputs and 

form a complete modeling platform.

  Device Supported

   Mosfet / MosSOI / BJT

   Diode / Capacitor / Resistor


· Different Test Plan can be set accoring to different measurement

requirements, such as the measurements of different Sub Die or

different Device, and conduct the measurements at the same time.


· By interacting with Probe, it allows Sub Die settings modification

and Wafer measurement plan set-up. Real-time check on the

measurement progress and results.

· With built-in comprehensive IV / CV / Spec measurement routines, 

the measurement task can be done only by some easy copies and 

modifications steps.

· Through a highly-integrated interface, the connection and

management of Meter, Matrix and Probe can be done more easily and measurement content of different device can be customized through 

routine. All settings can be imported and exported with one mouse 


· The Log information shows the detailed measurement progress and 

the amount of time spent on the measurements.

· Powerful functions of chart viewing, biplot and report exporting. It 

can be exported in excel format, which is convenient for data 

processing afterwards.

   Instrument Supported

    Meter: FS360/FS380/B1500/HP4284/HP4156/E4980

    Matrix: K707/E5250A/B2200

    Prober: Cascade Semi-Auto PA300/S300


     · OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

     · Recommended Hardware: Pentium 4 CPU and above, 1G ram (

     2G ram preferred)

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Maintenance will cover the routine software upgrade, on-site support, software debug and remote support.