Product Introduction

10X Faster Than Current Solutions                

Average 5 seconds per bias with better resolution and bandwidth, 

enables statistical noise measurement                

The Only Solution That Measures Noise of pA current            

Suitable for analog applications as well as measuring noise of small

current, such as dark current of photo diodes               


All New Architect Ensures the Lowest Noise Floor          

Self-adjust calibration enables system plug&play at any lab, no 

tedious installation, available for evaluation                


RAM RTN/Circuit Noise/Sensor Noise/System Noise

Measurement Ready  

We have helped customers to measure not only device 1/f noise, but also

successfully measure Random Telegraph Noise in RAM circuits, circuit

background noise and MEMS Sensor noise.       


Support Auto Prober              
Auto prober support, also support measuring package parts.                 

Integrate Noise Modeling and Circuit Analysis               
Integrate noise modeling, statistical noise model generation, and circuit

analysis of noise impact.         


Basic Configuration
Model Number Description Qty Price
NC300-S20 DC=20V, BW=100kHz 1 $0.00
P2-A Programmable DC Power Supply 1 $0.00
P2-B Smart Multi-Level Low Noise Amplifier 1 $0.00
P3 Noise Test and Analysis Software 1 $0.00
Basic Configuration Price $0.00
Options List
Model Number Description Qty Price
NC300-S80 Upgrade to DC=80V, BW=100kHz 1 $0.00
Option-1 Probe Station Mapping Supported 1 $0.00
Option-2 RTN Supported (software feature) 1 $0.00
Option-3 MEMS DUT Measurement (software feature) 1 $0.00
Option-4 High Bandwidth, upgrade to BW=10MHZ 1 $0.00
Option-5 Triaxix Cables 4 $0.00
NC310-C1 Circuit analysis, BW=100kHz, Channel=1 1 $0.00
NC310-C2 Circuit analysis, BW=100kHz, Channel=2 1 $0.00
MeQLab Modeling Software 1 $0.00
Options Prices $0.0

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1.Include 1 year hardware warranty and software maintenance.

2.Maintenance will cover the routine software upgrade, hardware replacement and technical support.

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