Product Introduction


AI-Driven High precision IV, CV, and 1/f noise 

test in one box, complete low-frequency 

parametric characterizations without 

instrument or cabling change.

Fast Speed

10X speed up over traditional semiconductor

test instruments. The industry's first AI test 

enhancement module enables speed 

enhancement without sacrificing on accuracy.

Modular Architect 

Industry standard PXIe architect enables 

flexible test configuration and the system is 

expandable to production test (e.g. WAT).

Easy Set-up 

Built-in test control and analysis software 

LabExpress-Adv™, equipped with hundreds 

of pre-defined test routines and friendly GUI.

Wide IV range and Accurate 

Up to 200V, 3A (pulsed, 1A standard), and 

0.1fA sensitivity.

Device Modeling and Simulation 


Optional Device Modeling and Simulation 


Basic Configuration
Model Number Description Qty Price
FS373 Chassis + LabExpress-Adv software + Control PC 1 $0.00
FS380 High Precision SMU with 0.1fA Sensitivity (50us Pulse,200V, 3A Max) 4 $0.00
FS-AIM-AC IV test acceleration by 10 times driven by AI algorithms 1 $0.00
LabExpress-Adv LabExpress Software Advanced Version 1 $0.00
MeQLab Embedded Software For Modeling & Simulation 1 $0.00
TX2 2m Triaxial Cable 4 $0.00
Basic Configuration Price $0.00
Options List
Model Number Description Qty Price
FS-AIM-CV CV module, 10Hz-10KHz, 200V bias 1 $0.00
FS-AIM-NC 1/f module, 2s/bias, BW 100KHz, 1e-27A2/Hz 1 $0.00
Options Prices $0.0

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