First All-In-One AI Driven High Precision Semiconductor Parametric Test System


With rapid development of technology, geometric growth of chip production, Moore’s law is no longer applicable, and the whole measurement and test industry nowadays is experiencing huge changes. We need a more future-oriented intelligent test solution to break traditional hardware’s’ boundaries.

Target on “Software define test, and algorithm break hardware boundary”, PDA is the leader of AI driven semiconductor test and measurement. By implement artificial intelligent algorithm, the testing accuracy and speed of PXI standard hardware platform based on NI is significantly improved. The core team of PDA are all graduated from Electronic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, background in optimization, and have solved the problems of IC process variations simulations using math algorithms from 10 years ago, accumulated a series of technical algorithm prototypes such as “behavior prediction” and “noise removal”. In 2015, the team started to aim on semiconductor testing area.


In spring this year, PDA revealed the first-generation semiconductor parametric testing product based on machine learning, the FS series, which have 2 orders of magnitude more accurate and sensitive on NI hardware module, got market recognition quickly after lunched. Dr. Xiaomu Wang, scientist of Young overseas high-level talents introduction plan in China, evaluate it as” Comparing to traditional testing instruments, the FS series semiconductor parametric measurement system of PDA is much faster on testing, fulfilled the demands of test on speed, integration, easy to use and flexibility.”

Based on more than a year of market exploration and continuous investment in technology, the new generation of FS series, FS-Pro™, is formally launched today. Comparing to last generation FS series, which is designed for IV test only, FS-Pro integrates most common low frequency parametric tests, such as IV test, CV test, low frequency noise (1/f noise) test in one box, and meet all test demands in one instrument, realizing the true “All-In-One”. The measurement speed is 10x faster, making the test time in low frequency noise test shrink from tens of seconds to less than 5 seconds. FS-Pro™ passed the certification of CHINA Electronics Standardization Institute before it released.


“Combining decades of experience on semiconductor industry, the implementation of AI algorithm on hardware make it possible to break hardware boundaries in measurement.” Albert Li, CEO of PDA said,” It is the first time to combine IV and CV noise measurement into a single instrument. Customers can characterize most of the low frequency parameters without changing the cable. Simultaneously, PDA provide an industry’s first AI test accelerate module, by pressing a button, customers can experience the unprecedented test speed. The product has modular structure based on NI, users can expand it flexibly from 4 channels to nearly a hundred of channels.” In spring 2018, PDA received the first FS-Pro™ order before it’s released, the product samples are under trail and test continuously in leading semiconductor companies and research organizations, too. “We already see the huge scope of use for FS-Pro™ in future among semiconductor parametric tests and production tests like WAT. We will continue invest on ‘Software define test and algorithms break hardware boundaries’, implement intellect algorithms to product, letting users experience huge performance improvement.”

Chandran Nair, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Asia-Pacific in NI, said:” We are impressed by the intelligent parametric test solution of FS-Pro™ in PDA using the latest SMU of NI. According to the outstanding accuracy and test speed of PDA based on NI hardware combination, I believe it is good choice for parametric research and production test. NI will continue to support PDA on technology and marketing, keep on providing faster, more stable, more intellect parametric test solutions.”

About FS Pro™ series:

1.  All-in-one AI driven high precision IV, CV and 1/f noise test system.

2. 10x speed up over traditional semiconductor test solutions.

3. Modular Architect make the system expandable for production test.

4. Built in measurement control software LabExpress™ provide powerful test and analysis function.

5. Wide IV range and high precision, up to 200V, 3A (pulsed, 1A standard), and 0.1fA sensitivity.

6. Uniquely integrate latest device modeling and simulation software.