PDA Exhibited At ICMTS 2018 Austin


The International Conference on Microelectronic Test Structures (ICMTS) is the premier conference devoted to the development, measurement and analysis of test structures providing a forum for designers and users of test structures to discuss recent developments and future directions The meeting is a IEEE conference, sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society. This year, emphasis is being placed on test structures that enable design, especially for those who use foundries.  This year the event was held in Austin TX, USA from Mar19 to 22.   PDA showcased its newly released algorithm-driven semiconductor parameter test solution FS-Pro,  which is the first All-In-One semiconductor parametric test system driven by Machine Learning algorithms, integrated with high precision IV, CV, and 1/f noise test in a single box. The algorithms are built into PDA’s proprietary AI Hardware, FS-AIM, which enables faster and more powerful test capabilities.