PDA launched the first semiconductor teaching tool of 7nm FinFET era


Semiconductor Education Kit (SEK) is a very innovative product, which aimed at academic, educational and training institutions, that minimizes this gap between the knowledge of the graduating student and the current industry’ professional requirement. It emulates the complete environment typically used in the industry for device characterization, device modeling, and circuit simulation.  It provides access to the characteristics of most modern semiconductor device types, including FinFET, 28nm planar CMOS, SOI, Bipolar, III/V and passive devices, and emulates the typical device characterization instruments, such as the semiconductor parameter analyzers (IV measurement) and the LCR meters (CV measurement). SEK integrates a user friendly Graphical User Interface, and includes device characterization and model extraction software, as well as a verified SPICE simulator.


SEK has four modes: Measurement Mode, Modeling Mode, Teaching Mode and Demonstration Mode. It is a powerful aide in any of the following scenarios:

  • Semiconductor Device Characterization Lab for students’ practical lab exercises.

  • Semiconductor Physics Teaching tool, including mechanisms such as short-channel and stress effects, as well as the reliability and process variation effects, associated with the behavior of typical modern devices.

  • Device Modeling Teaching tool providing students with hands-on experience with device modeling and circuit analysis practices based on industry standard tools and interfaces.

  • A “What-If” tool, that enables mocking up of characteristics of new device architectures, based on a built-in industry-standard SPICE modeling and interface software.


SEK is equipped with the real industry data, it can assist both teachers and students with semiconductor education based on the real industrial device data and standard device characterization, modeling and simulation practices, and it can be updated to keep up with the future industry developments.