Nanjing University Adopted Learning-based Semiconductor Parametric Test Solutions Driven by PXI Modular SMUs


Jun.5 2016, Beijing, China, Platform Design Automation (PDA, ), a leading design support solution company ( announced that Prof. Xiaomu Wang from Nanjing University has selected its FS380, a new semiconductor parameter analyzer for their nanotube-graphene device research. Prof. Wang is a noted researcher in the field of new Nano-device research, he has authored and co-authored many papers selected by leading conferences and journals including Science and Nature, Dr. Wang graduated from Tsinghua University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and he has served as a post-doc researcher at Yale University. He was selected by the national program on the outstanding returning researchers and he is currently leading a research group on new Nano-device research at Nanjing University.

“Our research work requires comprehensive characterization capabilities, including accurate IV, CV and noise, and since we frequently exercise on new device structures we also require the characterization setups flexible enough to accommodate our testing needs. PDA’s FS series have been a pleasant surprise for us, they provide both 0.1fA and 1fA sensitivities SMU optimized from the modular hardware from National Instruments and they provide a modular architect, which not only helps us to easily upgrade to CV and noise test in the future, but also enables flexible configuration of our testing setups. Testing speed is much faster than the instruments that I have used before and the built-in software is very easy to use, they also provide an industry quality device modeling platform, which can covert our research work to design ready. The cost is also very competitive compared to other products, I recommend FS380 highly.” Said Professor Wang.

“I was very impressed by the achievements of the young scientist like Prof. Wang, and we are honored that our products can help their leading research, PDA’s team has been known as a leading SPICE modeling solution provider serving leading semiconductor companies, and with the help of modular instrument vendor like National Instruments, we are able to embed our software, AI algorithms and years of characterization techniques to form a competitive semiconductor parametric test solution, so our customers can test better, faster and at a much lower cost, we will continue to innovate and work closely with our partner National Instruments to improve our offerings and support.” Said, Albert Li, CEO of PDA.